barn to blade

We are your neighbourhood butcher shop.

We want to bring back the days when you knew your butcher and where your food came from.

Located at the corner of Ottawa & Cannon we are dedicated to bringing in honest meat from honest farmers within a ~100 km radius.

#HonestMeat #HonestFood

Our Farms

The Honest Meat Co. has established a strong network of local farmers, ranchers and shepherds that are committed to raising their animals ethically.

Our Meats

We serve the best quality pork, beef, chicken and lamb we can find. From time to time you may also see duck, venison, turkey and anything else meaty and delicious.

Our Story

For us local eating is social. We love to talk to the people that grow our food. Discover what drives their passion and makes them so proud of what they raise.

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182 Ottawa St. North
Hamilton, ON


Monday – Friday: 9am - 7pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9am - 5pm

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